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New Energy Rotor Line Frequently Asked Questions

Honest| 2024-02-19|Return

Q1: What are the projected dimensions of the entire line site?


A: According to the 128s beat, about 12 meters*35 meters, covers an area of 350 to 500 square feet.


Q2: What is the method of product conveyor transmission?


A: 1. Geely, Inovance rotor lines: the front section of the core to take the conveyor line transmission, the rear section to take the six-axis robotic handling;

2. Huayu rotor lines: robot handling in the front section and conveyor line transmission in the rear section.


Q3: How is the iron core sourced?


A: It is recommended to give priority to taking the material trolley to feed the whole car, according to the type of iron core to configure the number of material trolleys on the material position.

Q4: How to clamp the iron core and how to position the iron core?


A: It is recommended to give priority to using a six-axis robot to clamp and transfer the iron core and configure a 3D robot to visually take pictures and locate the product position.

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Q5: What is the recommended way for magnets to come in?


A: Priority is given to feeding tubes or blister boxes. One rotor has 192 pieces of magnets and 128 seconds to make a rotor. The magnet storage time can reach more than 1 hour (configured with 6 silos).


Q6: How to ensure that the magnetic steel does not leak when inserting the iron core into the magnetic steel equipment?

A: Our magnet insertion equipment is equipped with visual detection of missing magnets and obvious cracks on the upper surface.


Q7: Which is the injection molding machine manufacturer of iron core injection molding equipment?


A: Tayu or Denice corporation.


Q8: What are the injection molding materials used in iron core injection molding equipment?


A: 1. Thermoplastic: PA66+GF30(25/30/40)(plastic+glass fiber, the waste at the nozzle can be recycled, about 2.8 dollars per kilogram);

2. Thermosetting: Bakelite, BMC(DMC), etc. The waste at the outlet cannot be recycled, about 21.01 dollars per kilogram).


Q9: How to ensure the injection molding effect of iron core injection molding equipment?


A: HONEST’s injection molding equipment is equipped with a visual photo inspection function to detect whether there are obvious defects on the injection molding surface (such as whether there is glue overflow or flash), and is equipped with a load-bearing mechanism to detect the injection molding weight, with a weighing accuracy of ≤0.5g.


Q10: How long does injection molding take?


A: 1. The injection molding time of a single core is about 20-30 seconds  (plastic+glass fiber material, thermoplastic);

2. The overall injection molding time is about 150-250s(BMC/DMC, thermosetting).


Q11: How long does it take to change the core injection mold?


A: The iron core injection molding equipment is equipped with a mold change trolley, and the mold change time is ≤30 minutes.


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