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Electric Vehicle Motor Assembly

The drive motor system of new energy vehicles is one of the core systems of new energy vehicles. Its performance determines the main performance indicators of vehicle driving such as climbing ability, acceleration ability and maximum speed. The drive motor system is mainly composed of a motor and its controller. The motor is mainly assembled from stator, rotor, housing, connector, resolver and other components. In 2019, HONEST entered the R&D and customized production of new energy vehicle drive motor automation production lines.

New Energy Drive Motor Hairpin Stator Assembly Line:

The production efficiency of the new energy drive motor hairpin stator assembly line is 60s/psc. The main processes of the equipment include: loading, laser marking, insulation paper inserting, wire cups inserting, stator wire expansion, straightening, paint removal, 2D/3D forming, wire inserting and wire cups forming, stator twisting, wire end cutting, stator welding, BUSBAR insertion, welding, performance testing, taking the wire cups and inserting into the mechanism, etc.

Equipment Advantages:

1. Applicable to up to 6 wires and 12 layers of stators;

2. Modular design, matching the corresponding number of equipment according to different production capacities, making it possible to expand production quickly with low investment;

3. Flexible wire making, one machine can be used for any wire shape;

4. Key parts are processed independently using precision equipment and life management is implemented;

5. Production data can be traced in real time, uploaded and distributed, and connected with MES; equipped with face recognition system, etc.

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New Energy Drive Motor Rotor Assembly Line:

The production efficiency of the new energy drive motor rotor assembly line is 128s/pcs. The main processes of the equipment are: loading, magnet insertion, injection molding, dynamic balancing plate loading, heating, shaft branch liquid nitrogen cooling and loading, and core shaft pressing , cooling, locking and riveting, cleaning, magnetization, shaft head demagnetization, laser marking, visual inspection, oiling, unloading, etc.

Equipment Advantages:

1. Adopt MES manufacturing execution system to provide enterprises with management modules including manufacturing data management, production process control, bottom-level data integration analysis, upper-level data integration and decomposition, etc., to create a solid, reliable, comprehensive and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform for enterprises.

2. Quick mold change and product change. Production with one-click switching, fully automatic cycle operation, equipped with data input and output devices, the control system includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system, and remote monitoring system.

3. The frame is machined entirely after square tube welding, with high precision, good rigidity, vibration resistance and long service life.

4. A six-axis robot is used for the entire line for material loading and handling. The production line is highly flexible and can handle the rapid transfer of various products. The robot is equipped with a fixture library and can automatically change shapes.

5. Each process of the entire line is equipped with a high-precision visual inspection system to ensure the production quality of each process.

New Energy Motor Rotor Assembly Line.png

New Energy Drive Motor Assembly Line:

The production efficiency of the new energy drive motor assembly assembly line is 100s/pcs. The main processes of the equipment include: rotor press-fitting rear bearing, resolver rotor and pressure plate press-fitting, end cover installation positioning pins & elastic wave pads, end cover bearing chamber heating, end cover and rotor assembly, main housing install front oil retaining ring, housing heating, stator heating assembly, housing cooling, electrical performance testing, main reduction gear final tightening and fixing, motor assembly cooling, O-ring, housing glue coating , cooler installation , filter press installation ,oil filler plug installation , air tightness test, product appearance inspection, packaging, storage, etc.

Equipment Advantages:

1. The degree of automation is relatively high, and all processes have error-proof and leak-proof inspection;

2. Configure the entire line data collection system to ensure that each process is traceable;

3. A stable and reliable flexible assembly mechanism was developed for this newly designed drive assembly structure to ensure reliable assembly quality.

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