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Cooperation Process
One-Stop Service
Pre-sales service
In-sales service
  • One-on-one follow-up:
    Each project is assigned a dedicated person to manage and follow up the progress of each business link in a timely manner according to the "Project Plan".
  • Weekly reporting:
    regularly report project progress to customer every week.
  • Weekly summary:
    collect and sort out the needs and information of each business every week.
  • Feedback every week:
    Provide feedback within the project team on the summary every week
  • Strictly control the difficulty of problems so that we can seek assistance from company resources and expert teams timely . Let customers know the production progress and ensure project delivery.
  • Project scheduling:
    After the project is completed, a full-time project manager will be assigned to submit a specific project schedule within one week;
  • Progress report:
    The project manager coordinates and manages the progress, updates the project schedule and problem list every week, and provides written or meeting reports.
After-sales service
  • Quick response
    Extremely fast response within 2 hours, 24-hour online and remote services, providing customers with a localized service experience.
  • Customer training
    Equipment mechanism and working principle; equipment operation methods and requirements; equipment maintenance and requirements; equipment parameter setting methods and requirements; common fault judgment and handling methods; help customers better understand and use products, and improve product value and effectiveness.
  • Long-term warranty
    The warranty period is 1 year after final acceptance and lifetime technical services are provided.
  • Comprehensive after-sales guarantee
    Provide commonly used spare parts for equipment, spare parts lists, and spare parts drawings;
    Commonly used wearing parts and spare parts are stocked and stored to provide timely replacement of parts when needed;
    All parts on the equipment provide lifetime maintenance and replacement services;
    Support remote online troubleshooting, commissioning and maintenance services.
  • After-sales complaint handling
    All equipment implements full life cycle project management from pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales to ensure that customers’ demands are responded to and resolved in a timely and professional manner.
  • Regular return visits
    Provide annual inspection and irregular return visit services, pay attention to product usage and customer needs, and promptly discover and solve potential problems.

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