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Motor Assembly Equipment

HONEST has 16 years of industry experience in non-standard customized motor assembly equipment, and has mature cases in the assembly process of DC brush and brushless motors. At present, the whole motor assembly line can produce a finished product in 2 seconds at the fastest, and is compatible with the assembly and production of more than 40 types of motors. The degree of automation is high, and the entire line only requires 1 or 2 people to load and unload materials. It also has a data collection system and uses the MES system to manage the production execution process.

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Equipment Quality Requirements:

Important processes are equipped with automatic inspection of the quality of motors, and automatic sorting of motors. Manual inspection is replaced by machine vision, greatly improving inspection efficiency. In the motor inspection appearance process in the factory, the automatic inspection function of the machine vision system is used, which has the characteristics of fast speed, high accuracy and high efficiency. The automatic visual inspection machine, which is composed of an industrial camera and a visual automatic inspection system, performs a 360° appearance inspection on the product. After analysis by the system software, it can accurately determine whether the wiring is reasonable. The whole process takes less than 1 second. Any NG products will be selected for improvement to ensure the quality of the products.

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Equipment Safety Protection and Error Prevention:

It is equipped with special safety gratings, safety door locks, etc. for personal safety protection; with door opening safety protection function; with air pressure safety protection function; real-time prompts for various misoperations, bad conditions, etc.; when abnormal, an abnormal alarm is displayed on the screen to prompt the abnormal location, which is convenient for manual operation.

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Equipment Delivery Date:

After more than 10 years of development, the modularization and standardization of a large number of mechanisms have been designed, laying the foundation for efficient equipment development and high cost performance. The delivery time in the industry is generally 6 months, while we can shorten our delivery time to 4 months through standardized operations in various departments. At the same time, when the equipment is shipped, our engineers will follow the equipment to the customer's factory. Our engineers will guide the installation and debugging of the equipment throughout the process, and provide all-round one-on-one practical operation and technical training until the entire production line is successfully tested and reaches standards.

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