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HONEST HLS Met Deadline with High-Quality Micro Motor Rotor Line, Showcases Smart Manufacturing

Honest| 2024-02-28|Return

On February 21, 2024, HONEST HLS once again proved its strength in intelligent manufacturing with the timely and high-quality delivery of a state-of-the-art DC micro motor rotor assembly line. The assembly line was custom-designed for a top-tier South Korean autonomous driving technology company, aimed at enhancing the manufacturing efficiency and quality of their car seat motors.


The assembly line project delivered not only reflected HONEST HLS’s deep understanding of customer needs but also demonstrated its professional strength in delivering intelligent manufacturing solutions. From the outset, HONEST HLS has been in close contact with the customer to ensure that the solution provided can accurately meet the following critical needs:

A. High-end Customized Production: The automated production line was specially tailored for the efficient production of customers’ DC micromotor rotors;

B. Safety as Priority: The production line design strictly adhered to automation safety standards to ensure the well-being of both operators and machinery.

rotor welding

During the project implementation process, HONEST HLS’s engineering team demonstrated excellent technical expertise and project management capabilities, achieving the following points:

A. The modular and flexible design of the equipment improves the adaptability and compatibility of the production line. To transfer money, you only need to call the program and replace the fixture innovation capabilities in the manufacturing field;

B. Fool-proof and Error-proof Mechanism: Through advanced program interlocking, profiling tools, guide mechanisms, protection mechanisms, and sensor detection systems throughout the entire production process, production errors are effectively prevented and the smoothness of the production process and human-machine safety and ensured;

C. The smooth connection of material grabbing and strict logical steps between processes ensured the high efficiency and stability of the entire production line, which demonstrated HONEST HLS’s exquisite craftsmanship in high-end assembly line design.

HONEST HLS not only technically met all the customer’s requirements, but also was strictly punctual in terms of delivery time, ensuring the high quality standards of the products. At present, the assembly line has been carefully packed and is being safely shipped to the destination specified by the customer.

rotor assembly line packaging

HONEST HLS expresses its sincere gratitude to customers for their trust and choice and promises that whenever customers have new needs, the company’s after-sales service team will be ready to provide professional support.

HONEST HLS will continue to be committed to innovation, continue to explore and develop new high-precision automation equipment and provide customers with more excellent motor intelligent equipment solutions. We look forward to more cooperation opportunities with our customers in the future to jointly promote the development of intelligent manufacturing technology.

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