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HONEST HLS Held the Ultimate Project Review and Improvement Meeting
Summary and Prospect

Honest| 2024-01-13|Return

HONEST HLS held the ultimate project review and improvement meeting on January 10, 2024. The participating departments involved in the project from beginning to end, include the business department, design department, purchasing department, production department, and after-sales department. All departments attended the meeting, and all actively shared results and experience, so that they could learn from each other and make progress together. The purpose of this meeting is to summarize 2023 and look forward to 2024.


The general manager authorizes PJ(project) to organize improvement project activities for a certain task. HONEST HLS established the PJ team to solve the company’s historical legacy and pain point issues, efficiently collaborating with various departments to achieve the set goals and optimizing the existing processes, systems, and early warning reports during the improvement process, and apply the information management mechanism to achieve efficient collaboration and maximize the benefits of the goals.

In 2023, the overall achievement rate of the ultimate project goal is>80, it depended on each person of HONEST HLS and the trust and recognition of each customer. We viscerally hope that through the annual review to carry forward our strengths and improve our shortcomings, to serve our customers better. For example, we can improve our efficiency, and shorten the delivery and acceptance cycle, to help our customers achieve rapid input and production.

During the meeting, every departmental representative summarized their work based on their department’s job responsibilities. The successful experience is worth learning from all of us. At the same time, the existing problems also remind us to avoid and correct them. As the department that is deeply involved in the project, the technical department has the best understanding of the project situation. They conducted a 2023 annual summary and shared the basic situation of the project, such as project status, PO time, final inspection time final inspection cycle, and so on.


The technical department manager summarized four points we need to correct. Firstly, HONEST HLS should have a more thorough market insight, pay attention to market trends at any time, and keep pace with the times. Secondly, HONEST HLS should strengthen our understanding of customers and reduce communication, decision-making, and trial work. Besides, HONEST HLS also should improve efficiency, increase movement speed, and prioritize things according to their importance, to achieve a reasonable allocation of personnel, materials, technology, and other resources. Finally, team collaboration should be closer, the relationship between superiors and subordinates, rapid communication channels between departments, solving existing problems promptly, and adjusting plans according to the situation.

Through the commendation session, HONEST HLS distributes bonuses to departments and individuals who have made contributions to express their gratitude and encouragement for their efforts. It also hopes that every employee will be more motivated to work hard to provide better services to customers. We look forward to the annual target for 2024 can also be achieved.


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