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Embracing New Talent: HONEST HLS's Second New Employee Symposium Fosters Integration and Growth

Honest| 2024-06-05|Return

In June 2024, HONEST HLS welcomed its second new employee symposium, an important event designed to greet new members and promote team integration. The symposium began in a lively and joyful atmosphere, with Ms. Tan from the Human Resources and Administration Department serving as the host. She not only injected vitality into the event but also ensured the smooth and orderly progress of the proceedings.


The symposium commenced with Ms. Tan extending a heartfelt welcome to the new employees. The new employees responded with a clear and resonant voice, demonstrating the team’s enthusiasm. This scene left an impression on the HR Manager, Mr. Luo, who attended such an event for the first time, showcasing the company’s high regard for its new employees.

As the special guest, Mr. Luo, representing the company, delivered a warm welcome to the new employees and engaged in in-depth communication with them. Firstly, he introduced the company’s promotion mechanism in detail, outlining a clear career development blueprint for the new employees. Then, he expounded on the company’s cultural background, helping new employees deeply understand the corporate culture and values. Finally, Mr. Luo shared the current trends in the internal and external environment, giving the new employees a more macroscopic understanding of the broader context in which they operate.


Under Ms. Tan’s guidance, the new employees participated in a series of ice-breaking games that helped to bring them closer together. The atmosphere quickly warmed up, filled with laughter and joy.

The climax of the symposium saw the new employees actively interacting, speaking freely, and expressing the difficulties they encountered at work as well as their suggestions and options for the company. Mr. Luo listened attentively to each employee’s voice and provided detailed answers one by one. This not only strengthened the new employees’ confidence and expectations for the future but also reflected the company’s attention to the voices of its employees.

The symposium undoubtedly became an important bridge for new employees to understand and integrate into the company. It not only provided a platform for new employees to showcase themselves and exchange ideas but also provided support for them to better carry out their work and learning at the company, marking the beginning of a new chapter at HONEST HLS.


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