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NR Surface-Mount Inductor Equipment Solutions

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The classification of NR Inductors

NR inductors are coil components that utilize magnetic materials as their core. The primary classifications of NR inductors include:

1. By Inductance Value: low-frequency inductors, high-frequency inductors and power inductors;

2. By Shape: surface-mount inductors, coil inductors and core inductors;

3. By operating voltage: general voltage inductors and high-voltage inductors;


The article will introduce NR surface-mount inductors, the details are as follows:

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What is an NR Surface-Mount Inductor?

NR Surface-Mount Device Inductor typically consists of magnetic materials and conductive wires. The ”NR” designation refers to the specific encapsulation form of these inductors, which is a common SMD packaging method. In NR inductors, the magnetic material is cut into thin slices, wound to form the inductor’s core, and then wires are wound around these cores. The entire structure is encapsulated within a small plastic casing.

What are the main components of an NR SMD Inductor?

A. Magnetic Core: The core of the inductor, usually made from iron powder, ferrite, or other magnetic alloys. These materials are cut into thin slices and wound to form the inductor’s core. Different magnetic materials result in varying inductance values and frequency characteristics. Iron powder and ferrite are widely used in inductor manufacturing due to their low cost and favorable magnetic properties;

B. Conductive Wire: Wire is wound around the magnetic core to form the inductor’s coil. The choice of wire material varies based on the inductor’s application and performance requirements, typically using copper wire or silver-plated wire for their good conductivity;

C. Encapsulation: The encapsulation is usually made from plastic or other non-conductive materials, serving to protect the internal magnetic materials and wires and providing mechanical support and fixation;

D. Terminals or Pins: Terminals or pins are the parts where the inductor connects to the external circuit. They can be pins directly soldered to the circuit board or pads used for surface-mount technology. The design of terminals must ensure good electrical connection and mechanical stability;

E. Shielding Layer: Some NR surface-mount inductors are equipped with a shielding layer to reduce electromagnetic interference, which helps suppress noise and enhance circuit stability;

F. Moisture-Resistant Coating: Some NR SMD Inductors, which operate in humid environments, are equipped with a moisture-resistant coating to ensure the stable performance of the inductor.

What are the specifications of NR SMD Inductors?

A. Inductance: The measure of an inductor’s ability to store magnetic energy, unit μH. The size of the inductance directly affects the filtering, energy storage, and oscillation functions of the circuit;

B. Tolerance: The tolerance indicates the possible deviation of the actual inductance from the normal value, which is crucial for precise matching and stability in circuit design;

C. Direct Current Resistance: The resistance value of the inductor under direct current conditions, unit Ω. It affects the power consumption and efficiency of the inductor, especially in high-frequency applications where a lower DCR is beneficial for reducing energy loss;

D. Self-Resconant Frequency: The frequency at which the inductor begins to exhibit inductive or capacitive behavior, unit MHz. Above this frequency, the impedance of the inductor decreases with increasing;

E. Saturation Current: The maximum current the inductor can withstand without magnetic saturation, unit A. Exceeding the saturating current may lead to a decline in inductor performance;

F. Temperature Rise Current: The maximum current the inductor can withstand with a specific temperature rise, which is essential for ensuring the reliability of the inductor in high-temperature environments.


What are the features of NR Surface-Mount Inductor?

1. Magnetic Glue Coating Structure: NR surface-mount inductors use a magnetic glue coating structure, which reduces buzzing sounds and provides excellent shielding performance, enhancing the product’s usability;

2. Direct Metallization Electrodes: Direct metallization of electrodes on the ferrite core enhances the inductor’s resistance to drop impacts, making it more durable;

3. Closed Magnetic Circuit Design: NR inductors feature a closed magnetic circuit design, which reduces magnetic leakage and improves EMI resistance, contributing to circuit stability;

4. High-Rated Current: NR SMD Inductors have a higher rated current than traditional power inductors of the same size, allowing them to provide greater current-carrying capacity in a more compact space;

5. Small Size and Low Profile: The small size and low profile design of NR SMD help save space and make them easier to integrate into various electronic devices;

6. High Efficiency: Due to their high efficiency, they reduce energy loss during use, achieving energy-saving effects.

NR SMD Inductors, with these unique performance and advantages, are commonly used in electronic products, medical devices, automotive electronic systems, and more. For example, smartphones, tablets, vital sign monitoring devices, and in-vehicle navigation systems all utilize NR SMD Inductors to improve quality.

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Considerations when selecting or designing NR SMD Inductor equipment:

1. Production Efficiency: Ensure the equipment meets expected production efficiency while considering ease of operation and level of automation;

2. Precision: The equipment must have precise winding, soldering and inspection capabilities, as well as control over production errors and material waste;

3. Level of Automation: Choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment based on actual needs;

4. Compatibility: Consider equipment with high compatibility to save costs for future future production changes;

5. Cost: In addition to purchase and operating costs, consider electricity expenses;

6. Safety Performance: Consider safety measures for employees during equipment operation to avoid unnecessary hazards;

7. Supplier Qualifications: When selecting a manufacturing equipment supplier, conduct thorough preliminary research to choose a reliable supplier with strong technical capabilities and good service.

Confidently, HONEST HLS will be a trustworthy supplier for you.

The Reliability of HONEST HLS

1. With long-term industry experience and strong R&D capabilities, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced R&D people, who ensure that HONEST HLS’s leading position in technological innovation and product development;

2. We understand that different customers have varying requirements for equipment, so we offer customized equipment services. In the early stages of design, our technical staff will communicate in-depth with customers to ensure every detail meets their expectations, resulting in a perfect plan that is strictly followed in the manufacturing process;

3. In mid-March of this year, HONEST was awarded the “Shenzhen TOP Brand” title, which is not only an affirmation of our brand strength but also a recognition of our consistent commitment to high quality and excellent service, demonstrating our leading position in the industry;

4. Taking our NR SMD Inductor Fully Automatic Winding Machine as an example, the equipment shows our advanced technology in the field of automated production and our pursuit of efficiency. Details are as follows:

The equipment automatically completes feeding, winding, soldering, and other processes. It is highly efficient and capable of simultaneous multi-axis winding, with a production capacity of 5-6k/h. The product is mainly used in multifunctional mobile phones, LED lighting, communication equipment, portable and personal navigation systems, multimedia devices, and other fields.

NR SMD Inductor Fully Automatic Winding Machine.jpg

The equipment features

A. Alpha Winding Method: The dual-axis synchronous winding ensures neat wire arrangement, enhancing the product's aesthetics and consistency;

B. Flux Coating and Preheating System: The equipment is equipped with a micro-flux coating function and an automatic preheating system, effectively reducing the likelihood of solder beads during the soldering process, ensuring soldering quality;

C. High-Precision Solder Surface Detection and Automatic Solder Addition: Through a high-precision solder surface detection system, the equipment can automatically apply a small amount of flux and preheat, reducing the probability of solder beads;

D. Independent Solder Pot Design: The design of the solder pot separated from the main machine body minimizes pot shaking during operation, thereby improving the soldering precision of the product;

E. Solder Surface Pressing Technology: The equipment features a solder surface pressing function, effectively controlling the product's flatness and height, ensuring the precision and consistency of the final product.

Should you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact HONEST HLS at any time. Trust us to manufacture equipment that meets your expectations.


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