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The Expanding Market for Automotive Power Window Motors

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The window lift motor in the vehicles usually is called window lift motor, it is a common electric device in modern vehicles. It is used to control car windows up and down automated. The design and usage of the motor are vital for improving drive comfort and safety. The details of the window lift motor are as follows:

The Working Principle of the Window Lift Motor

It is usually a small DC motor that converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion of the window glass through a reduction gear system. When the driver presses the window switch, the motor starts to raise and lower the window through a series of mechanical linkages and slider systems.

Motor Structure: the window lift motor usually contains two sets of coils with different winding directions, and the rotor can rotate forward or reverse through switch control. The design allows the motor to generate opposite forces in different current directions, thereby raising or lowering the window glass.

Split Graph.jpg

Reduction Device: the motor converts high-speed rotation into low-speed linear motion through the reduction gear system to drive the lifting and lowering of the window glass. The reduction device usually uses a worm gear driver to provide sufficient torque to move the window.

The Control Method of the Window Lift Motor

Switch Control: the window lift motor is controlled by the driver or occupant via switch buttons in the vehicle. These switches may be manual or buttons integrated into the door panel;

Circuit Design: the circuit design of the window lift motor may include a direct grounding type and a controlled grounding type. In the direct grounding type, one end of the motor is directly connected to the ground, and the direction of the motor is controlled by changing the direction of the current. In the controlled grounded type, the motor uses a permanent magnet motor with a simple structure, but the switches and control circuits are relatively complex.

The Market Prediction of the Power Window Motor in 2024

A. Market Size Growth

The global automotive window motor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 1.9% from 2023 to 2029, and market sales are expected to reach 2.83 billion dollars by 2029. The Chinese market has changed rapidly in the past few years. The market size will be approximately 800 million dollars in 2022 and is expected to reach 1 billion dollars by 2029.

B. Product Type

The window motor industry can be segmented into alternating current and direct current motors, with DC motors being the largest revenue market. It is expected that the DC motor market share will increase by 2028.

C. Regional Development

China, North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific are the major regions for the window motor market. As the world’s largest automobile market, China’s market size and growth rate have an important impact on the global market.

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D. Technological Progress

With the development of technology, window motors may integrate more intelligent functions, such as remote control, automatic anti-pinch protection, and so on, which will drive the growth of market demand.

E. Policy Support

Government support policies for new energy vehicles may indirectly drive the window motor market as these vehicles are usually equipped with electric window systems.

F. Consumer Preference

As consumers’ demand for car comfort and convenience increases, electric window systems may become standard equipment on more models, thereby increasing the market demand for window motors.

G. Challenges and opportunities

Although the market prospects are promising, companies are also facing challenges such as technological breakthroughs, product innovation, cost control, and market competition. At the same time, with the uncertainty of the global economy, market demand may be affected.

The Production Line for Car Power Window Motors of HONEST HLS

The line is used for the automotive power window motor assembly line. The process includes the rotor section: automatic loading, winding, spot welding, precision turning, etc. of the rotor; The stator section includes: bearing pressing, magnetic tile and slingshot assembly, magnetization, etc; The end cover section includes: bearing pressing, carbon crystal&brush arm assembly, brush assembly, end cover soldering, etc; The motor assembly section includes: automatic feeding of rotor&end cover&stator, gasket assembly, shaft reinforcement, magnetic ring assembly, worm pressing, motor assembly, and other processes.

Automotive power window motor assembly line

The advantage of the production line:

A. Fully automated production;

B. Above 900pcs per hour;

C. Double-station flying fork winding;

D. Measurement and correction of rotor component shaft bending core;

E. Each part has a detection and marking function;

F. Non-standard customizable. 

In all, the power window motor market is expected to maintain its growth in 2024, but companies need to keep an eye on the market dynamics and continue to innovate and optimize their products to cope with potential market changes and challenges.

Hope the article can help you know more about the window lift motor, and if you have any other questions or needs, please ask us at your time. 


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