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Wangcai 2023 Annual Meeting Concluded Successfully,
In 2024, Let us Continue to Work Together to Create the Future

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2023 is the motor industry booming year, based on the "double carbon" goal of the background, how to improve efficiency and speed has become the key to the motor industry R & D, and the development of high-efficiency motors has come to a time of great urgency.

At the end of 2023, the 2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference, with the theme of "Intelligent Leads Change, Efficiently Drives the Future", was held in Changzhou, China, with Wangcai New Media as the organizer, HONEST HLS as the general title sponsor, PPGFS as the co-sponsor, and Tongda China, Wuxi InfiMotion Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou Electric Motor Industry Driving and Control Innovation Union, and TIMER as the special co-sponsors. The conference lasted for three days (December, 26-28), covering a plenary session, 3 parallel forums, and an annual awards conference.

This conference mainly discussed the development of different technical directions, focusing on hairpin motors, high-speed motors, high-efficiency motors, and hub motors. Firstly, on December 27, the 2023 China Motor Industry Chain Conference plenary meeting was held. At the plenary meeting, basically, all representatives mentioned keywords such as "efficiency", "high speed" and "innovation". While emphasizing speed and efficiency, we should also pay attention to quality. Among them, co-founder Jianyong Liao of Shenzhen HONEST Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., as the company representative, gave a speech on the iteration and innovation discussion of hairpin motor production technology. In his speech, Mr. Liao pointed out that the standards are not unified and the investment is large, slow model change, slow production speed, and other industry pain points, as well as the pain points of flexible production such as small order quantity, unstable orders, and fierce market competition. At the same time, through cases, it is pointed out that technological innovation, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement can be used to deal with the pain points way. For example, through technological innovation and improved wire-making methods, the cost investment has been reduced by 30% and it only takes 1 second to complete the wire-making of composite molds; in the wire twisting process, we have used the same wire-twisting equipment to produce X- pin and H-pin, and by eliminating the need to cut flat and solder the end copper wire, you can save copper wire, saving 10 yuan for a stator.

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After the plenary meeting and dinner, the 2023 annual awards ceremony was held. In the ceremony, HONEST HLS won the TOP10 Most Influential Motor Suppliers in Guangdong Province in 2023 (Motor Production Line) and the TOP10 Most Influential Motor Suppliers in Guangdong Province in 2023 (New Energy Motor production line), we are committed to continuing to work hard in the ushering in of the year 2024 to continue to innovate and change, to achieve high-efficiency production, and to contribute to the development of the electric motor industry.

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On December 28, three parallel forums, the 2023 Second Annual Conference on High-efficiency Motor Innovation Technology, the 2023 CHP2023 Sixth China New Energy Vehicle Hairpin Motor Annual Conference, and the 2023 High-speed Motor Innovation Technology Summit, were successfully held. At the annual meeting of new energy vehicle hairpin motors, business and technical representatives of each company shared motor-related technologies and solutions and discussed technical development issues in different directions of motors.


Among them, HONEST HLS business director Chengyuan Xia, as the company representative, gave a speech on hairpin motors. His speech was mainly about the latest technology of wire motor assembly. Director Xia shared the key process research on high-speed production of new energy hairpin motor stators, and used our new energy hairpin drive motor stator high-speed assembly line, high-precision twisting machine, and paper inserting machine, welding machines, and so on, are used as examples to demonstrate our new technologies in hairpin motors, and have played a role in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and shortening delivery times.


During this three-day conference, representatives of various companies in the motor industry discussed and exchanged ideas on motor-related issues. It was a process of learning from each other and making progress together. While summarizing 2023, we also set expectations for 2024. With new goals and future expectations in mind, we can also believe that intelligent transformation will be a major driving force for the advancement of the motor industry. HONEST HLS will also continue to innovate and change in the new year, and take high efficiency and high quality as its core Demand and push ourselves.


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