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Window Motor Assembly Equipment

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The window motor is an electric window device that receives auto window up and down by switching electrical energy to mechanical energy.


The structure of the window motor

1. DC Motor: It is the core component of the window motor. It is responsible for switching electrical energy to mechanical energy. A direct current motor usually consists of a rotor with winding and a stator with permanent magnets. When the current passes through the coil, a magnetic field is generated, which interacts with the permanent magnet to generate a magnetic field, thereby generating torque to drive the gear system to work and realize the energy conversion process;

2. Gear System: It is responsible for converting the rotational motor of the DC motor into the linear lifting motion of the window. The system consists of a series of gears and transmission rods, which can effectively transmit force and achieve precise control of the lifting and lowering of the window;

3. Control Circuit: It is responsible for receiving signals from the window switch and converting the signal into current to supply the DC motor drive. The control circuit stops the motor when the window reaches the top or bottom position, preventing the window from getting stuck or damaged;

4. Position Sensor: It detects the window’s position and provides feedback to the control circuit to ensure precise stopping at fully open or closed positions;

5. Anti-pinch device: To ensure passengers' safety, some window motor systems feature an anti-pinch mechanism. When the window encounters resistance during the rising process, the anti-pinch device can stop the window motion quickly, avoid hurting passengers;

6. Connector and Cable: They are used to connect the window motor to the auto power system and control circuit to make sure electrical energy and signal transmission;

7. Shell: The shell of the window motor protects the internal components and prevents dust, moisture, and other substances that may damage the performance of the motor from entering.

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HONEST HLS can customize the structure of the window motor according to customer requirements to meet the production needs of different customers.


How do window motors work

The working principle of window motors is based on the electromagnetic principle and mechanical transmission mechanism. Some process details are as follows:

1. Input and conversion of electric energy: When people issue the instructions to raise or lower the windows through the window control buttons in the car, the vehicle’s power system will provide electric energy to the window motor. The DC motor is the core component of the window motor, when it receives electrical energy, current flows through its internal electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field;

2. Interaction of Magnetic field; The magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil in the DC motor interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnet to generate torque, causing the motor’s rotor to start rotating;

3. Transmission of Mechanical Energy: The rotating motor rotor transmits the rotational motion to the lifting mechanism of the window through the gear system. The gear system usually adopts a scissor-type lifting mechanism, which consists of multiple intermeshing gears and transmission rods, which can effectively convert the rotational motion of the motor into the linear lifting motion of the window;

4. Lifting and Lowering of Windows: The transmission rod is connected to the lifting mechanism of the window. When the transmission rod moves, it will drive the window to rise or fall along the guide rail of the door to realize the opening and closing control of the window;

5. Control and Safety Protection: The control circuit is not only responsible for receiving and processing the signals but also adjusts the current supply according to the position and operating requirements of the window to ensure smooth operation of the window;

6. Position Detection and Feedback: The position sensor detects the lifting status of the window in real-time and feeds the position information back to the control circuit. When the window reaches the predetermined position, the control circuit will cut off the current and stop the motor to prevent excessive lifting or damage to the window.

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The Advantages of the Window Motor

1. Comfort and Safety: The window motors make it easier for people to control the lifting and lowering of auto windows and improve comfort;

2. Enhanced Safety with Anti-pinch Feature: The window motor usually has an anti-pinch device, which can automatically stop when the window encounters resistance during the rising process to prevent damage to passengers;

3. High Adaptability: The window motor can adapt to different vehicle models and design needs, providing customized electric window solutions for vehicles;

4. Intelligence: With the development of automotive electronics technology, window motors can be integrated with other vehicle systems to achieve more intelligent functions.


The difficulties in designing window motor

1. Compactness: In the limited door space, designing an efficient and compact window motor is challenging. The motor needs to have enough power to drive the window up and down, but at the same time, it must be within a certain volume range;

2. Durability: Vehicles will be driven under various conditions, and the window motor must ensure normal operation under high and low temperatures. This requires high durability and reliability in motor materials and design;

3. Anti-pinch Function: For safety, it is significant for the window motor to have an anti-pinch function, so that it can respond quickly without affecting the normal control of the window lifting;

4. Control of Noise: While ensuring normal operation, it is necessary to control the operating volume of the motor to prevent noise from affecting the riding experience.

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The Applications of window motors in the automotive industry


1. Power-operated Windows for passenger cars: they make it easier for drivers and passengers to control the car’s window lifting and lowering, improving comfort and convenience;

2. Power-operated windows for commercial vehicles: In the application of commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, the electric window system not only improves riding comfort but also helps with vehicle ventilation and cargo loading and unloading;

3. Power-operated windows for special-purpose vehicles: In special-purpose vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks, the application and performance of window motors are very important. They need to meet the needs of these vehicles that often need to quickly open and close windows and respond to emergencies.

Why choose HONEST HLS as your window motor production equipment supplier?


A. Extensive Manufacturing Operations

As a motor intelligent equipment solution provider established for more than 10 years, HONEST HLS has served many leading domestic and foreign automobile complete machine and auto parts manufacturers and has professional and rich manufacturing experience.


B. Professional Pre-sales and After-sales Services

During the design stage, we will be in close contact with the customer to ensure that the equipment meets the customer’s needs. After the equipment is delivered, specialized technical personnel will go to the customer’s factory for a final inspection to ensure that the customer can use the equipment normally for production work.


C. Cases

1. Automobile Window Motor Assembly Line

2. Production Line for Car Window Regulator Motors

3.Assembly Equipment for Swing Window Motor Gearbox

For detailed information, you can click on the product name to enter the specific product page.

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