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Automotive Water Pump Motor Solutions

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The automotive water pump motor is a key component in the automotive thermal management system, tasked with the circulation of coolant or other liquids to cool critical components such as the engine, battery pack, and motor. With the development of the automobile industry, especially the rise of new energy vehicles, electronic water pumps have gradually replaced traditional mechanical water pumps and become a more common cooling solution in modern cars.



1. Motor: It is the core of the electronic water pump, and usually uses a brushless DC motor with high efficiency, longevity, and quiet operation;

2. Impeller: It is a key component of the water pump. The rotation of the motor generates centrifugal force to promote the circulation of coolant;

3. Pump Body: Serving as the water pump’s casing, It is crafted from materials that withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion, such as aluminum alloy or high-performance plastics;

4. Bearings: It used to support the impeller and motor shaft, reduce friction and vibration, and ensure the smooth operation of the water pump;

5. Sealing Ring: It is used to prevent coolant leakage and ensure the sealing performance of the water pump;

6. Controller: The electronic water pumps are usually equipped with a controller to control the operating status of the motor, such as starting, stopping, speed adjustment, and so on.

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Working Principle


Upon starting the vehicle, the electric energy provided by the battery or generator is transmitted to the motor part of the electronic water pump. After receiving the electric energy, the motor starts to rotate, driving the impeller connected to it to rotate. The rotation of the impeller generates centrifugal force, which sucks the coolant from the inlet of the water pump and accelerates it in the pump chamber and then discharges it through the outlet, forming a circular flow. The circulating coolant passes through the engine water jacket, absorbs the heat generated by the engine, and then transfers the heat to the radiator, where it is dissipated to the outside environment. The controller of the electronic water pump adjusts the speed of the motor according to the engine temperature and signals from other sensors to control the coolant flow and pressure to ensure that the engine runs at the optimal temperature.




The automobile water pump motor is responsible for driving the coolant to circulate between the engine and the radiator to maintain the engine working within a suitable temperature range.

The Advantages

1. Compactness: In order to adapt to the limited space in the automobile engine compartment, automobile water pump motors are usually designed to be compact, which helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve space utilization;

2. High Efficiency: The automobile water pump motor can better utilize electric energy and reduce the heat generated by the operation of the motor, thereby reducing the burden and energy loss of the air conditioning system;

3. Reliability and Durability: Automotive water pump motors are designed for long-term operation, can work stably in various environmental conditions, and have high reliability and durability;

4. Environmental Adaptability: The automobile water pump motor can adapt to different temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions, and has good sealing performance to prevent coolant leakage and external pollutants from entering the inside of the motor.

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The Disadvantages

1. Higher Cost: Compared with traditional mechanical water pumps, the cost of electronic water pump motors is usually higher;

2. Power Supply Dependence: The automobile water pump motor depends on the automobile’s power supply system, and fluctuations in the power supply voltage may affect the performance and life of the motor;

3. Technical Complexity: The control system of the electronic water pump motor is relatively complex and may require more technical knowledge and professional skills for maintenance and troubleshooting.


Market Trend Forecast

Globally, the market for electronic water pumps in new energy vehicles is forecasted to continue expanding. This growth is driven by increasing new energy vehicle sales, stringent environmental regulations, technological innovations, and cost reductions.

North America

North America, especially the United States and Canada, is expected to witness steady growth in the new energy vehicle electronic water pump market. This growth was mainly driven by rising demand for new energy vehicles and government policy support for reducing carbon emissions.

European Region

The European region is expected to occupy an important position in the new energy vehicle electronic water pump market in 2024. The promotion policies of new energy vehicles in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy and the increase in consumer awareness of environmental protection will promote the growth of the market in this region.


The Asia-Pacific region, especially China, Japan, and South Korea, is expected to be one of the fastest-growing regions in the new energy vehicle electronic water pump market. This growth is driven by strong demand for new energy vehicles in the region and strong government support and investment in the new energy vehicle industry.

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Latin America

In Latin America, including countries such as Mexico and Brazil, although the current market size of new energy vehicle electronic water pumps is relatively small, it is expected that the market will gradually grow with the increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles and the implementation of relevant policies.


Middle East and Africa

The new energy vehicle electronic water pump market in the Middle East and Africa is also expected to grow, although the growth rate may be slower than in other regions. The growth of the market in this region will be affected by economic conditions, policy support, and infrastructure construction.


Overall Trend

The global new energy vehicle electronic water pump market is expected to continue to be positively affected by factors such as growth in new energy vehicle sales, tightening environmental regulations, technological innovation, and cost reductions. In addition, with the global emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, the demand for electronic water pumps in new energy vehicles is expected to further increase.


HONEST HLS's Water Pump Motor Production Equipment

A. Water Pump Stator Production Line

This production line is used for the production of 20W water pump motors. The water pump stator production line consists of 6 pieces of equipment. The transportation method adopts a conveyor line + ship plate, with a "back" layout. It mainly includes the three major functions of stator winding, magnetic ring assembly and detection, tooling positioning, prototyping design, and configuration of various types of sensors to effectively ensure the smooth progress of production and bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

Equipment Parameters

1. Production Efficiency: ≤30s/PCS;

2. Yield Rate: ≥98%;

3. Utilization Rate: ≥90%;

4. Power: whole line power≈68 KW;

5. Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

Water Pump Stator Production Line.jpg

B. Automotive Water Pump Motor Stator Block Winding Equipment

The motor stator block winding equipment is used in the field of brushless DC motors. It mainly completes the processes of block stator winding, circle welding, wiring bridge assembly, and performance testing. The entire line has a high degree of automation, RFID function, and product traceability; it also has a data storage system, data is stored through Excel tables, and has reporting functions. The entire line adopts advanced production technology, supplemented by an all-round, blind-angle visual inspection system, which improves production efficiency and makes product quality more stable.

Equipment Parameters

1. Production Efficiency: overall line rhythm≤18sPCS;

2. Exchange Time: ≤20min;

3. Yield Rate: ≥99%;

4. Power: The whole line is about 80KW;

5. Air Pressure: 0.45-0.65MPa

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